Meet the most promising Digital tech entrepreneurs
April - October 2022, Onsite & Online
  • Investment and partnership around 30 selected early stage companies
  • Innovation in the field of : Cybersecurity & Digital Trust, AI & Machine Learning, Blockchain, Crypto & Tokenization, and Metaverse
  • Programme with 12 online sessions or services for selection, strategy, meetings and recognition
  • Live event on 12th October in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Selection or invitation-only for the best entrepreneurs and most active investors, corporations and governmental experts


Is this for me?
The programme is designed to help start-ups raising bigger seed or Series A developing tech solutions in the following Digital sub-sectors:
  • Cybersecurity & Digital Trust
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Blockchain, Crypto & Tokenization
  • Metaverse
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Alp ICT TechNation
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