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Tech Tour has a solid track record of discovering and showcasing emerging technologies and the most promising early stage companies. Leading investors and experts, who make up our Selection Committees, identify “hidden gems” with high investment potential.

As a result the value of strategic deals attracted by Tech Tour presenting companies made over the past 7.5 years is

Each handshake represents 1 billion euros.



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of Europe’s potential unicorns are alumni
of Investor Club Members co-invest together


Building Trust

The Community was established by active investors, who saw a need for trust and a partnership-based community to make decision-making easier, faster, and more transparent. Almost two decades later, the membership base is growing at an astonishing pace, making this need even more evident. The Community itself has developed from an event-based business to a collective experience of like-minded people, working in collaboration to help each other to gain better opportunities. This format has worked so well that our investor members also created the International Venture Club, an investor-only community within the Tech Tour community that is rapidly growing. Becoming member of the International Venture Club, you are becoming a Club Member of Tech Tour Community.


Our Expert Members are our guarantee to discover and support future success stories

Each event is led by active investors to ensure that we bring quality and new trends to our participants. Dedicating their time, the President and Vice Presidents together with the Selection Commitee and Industry Experts propose topics, invite speakers and select companies to present.


How to get involved

Investors can get involved by registering to our Community Radar or registering to attend one of our events. To find out more information on the International Venture Club please visit the homepage here.