Long-lasting collaboration helps our members grow

The Tech Tour Community is shaped entirely by its members. One of our strongest values is that long-term partnerships help our members grow.  We provide for a vibrant membership community facilitating strategic investments and partnerships. The Tech Tour Community is based on merit and common values where our members are also partners in accelerating development. For years Tech Tour has been partnering with large corporates, government bodies and even non-technology companies who share the same values to support a collaborative environment, enabling the advancement of world-class innovation.


Global Partners 


Founded in 1805 in Geneva, the Pictet Group is today one of Europe’s largest privately held banks and the leading independent asset management specialist in Europe, with CHF 528 billion in assets under management and custody. Pictet has 4,300 employees with a global presence of 27 offices. Pictet has been our partner for the last 8 years and we have together organised +30 events in 4 different tracks and 6 Tech Tour Growth Summits.


What do our partners say about us?

“We are seeing a lot of benefit from being a Global Partner. Tech Tour provides us with a lot of insight on the companies that are selected and it helps us to look at the themes that are changing the world and the changing needs of our clients.”

Agnes de Guzman, Senior Consultant, Pictet & Cie


Data Partners

PitchBook is the premier provider of data on the public and private equity markets. We arm our clients with unprecedented insight into the flow of capital across the entire venture capital, private equity and M&A landscape to help them capitalize on opportunities in the private markets.


Long-Term Partnerships


Government Partners

Our Government Partners play an important role in increasing the visibility and impact of companies in their areas. We work with governments to help position them as leaders in the global innovation market and provide a snapshot of the favourable conditions for investment into their area.




Tech Tour assists local companies to develop international investment as it attracts growth companies and corporate partners to invest inward.”

Raphaël Conz, Head of Office for Economic Affairs, State of Vaud


We are happy to share more, for more information on partnering with Tech Tour drop us a line