Meet the most promising Photonics &-enabled Systems & Electronics tech entrepreneurs
June - December 2022, Onsite & Online
  • Investment and partnership around 40 selected early stage companies
  • Innovation in the field of : Photonics, Photonics-enabled & Electronics
  • Programme with 10 online sessions or services for selection, strategy, meetings and recognition
  • Onsite event in Eindhoven, the Netherlands on 8th November
  • Selection or invitation-only for the best entrepreneurs and most active investors, corporations and governmental experts
Is this for me?
The programme is designed to help start-ups developing tech solutions in the following Photonics technologies & systems sub-sectors:
  • Production technology & machine vision
  • Communications & optical components & infrastructure
  • Lighting & displays
  • Photonics technologies
in the following Photonics-enabled technologies & systems sub-sectors:
  • Medical & healthcare
  • Defense & security
  • Manufacturing & Industry 4.0
  • Energy & climate
  • Mobility, transport & logistics
  • Cybersecurity & space
in the following Electronics sub-sectors:
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Semiconductors
Co-Funded by
PhotonHub Europe
Partnered by
Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM)
Brainport Eindhoven Region
EIC ScalingUp
Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute
Eindhoven University of Technology
Innovation Industries
Gillamor Stephens
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