KIS4SAT Academy

On 6 April 2009, a KIS4SAT Academy will be organised in conjunction with the ESA Investment Forum 2009.

The KIS4SAT Academy is offered with aims to help SMEs that have been selected to present at the ESA Investment Forum.  Experienced coaches from the relevant industry areas will work very pragmatically with the presenters to prepare them for their participation on the next day at the Forum.

** The KIS4SAT Academy is highly encouraged for entrepreneurs looking to access international markets as they will be provided with concrete information, tools and resources in order to successfully partner and grow their business.

SMEs selected to present at the ESA Investment Forum, will be invited to join the KIS4SAT Academy to prepare for their participation the next day. The KIS4SAT Academy is organised as part of the Knowledge Intensive Services Innovation Platform (KIS-IP), an initiative launched by the European Commission in 2008 to promote service innovation in knowledge intensive businesses (

Focus will be on how to meet strategic partners and potential investors’ expectations. Participants will receive guidance on how their presentations and propositions compare with those of other participants, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses which need to be addressed and improved.

Our access to early stage finance trainings help entrepreneurs to access early-stage funding through Investor-Readiness Workshops and supportive tools. We prepare participants also for business presentations at international investment conferences and investment network platforms.

We offer:

  • Direct feedback on strategic strengths & weaknesses & objectives of their business plans/prospects.
  • Techniques on how to approach investors, how to improve the business’ investment strategy
  • Insight into how venture capitalists and other (international) investors might perceive their business, and an awareness of the necessity of seeking finance from many different sources.
  • Knowledge on financing strategy for their company.
  • A way to facilitate introductions to investors and for relationship building with other top entrepreneurs and advisors.
  • Test market entry strategies / investment plans.

Who will participate in the KIS4SAT Academy?

  • Selected innovative growth companies with one or maximum two senior management representatives
  • External coaches with relevant expertise and experience, who will review the companies from a shareholder perspective
  • Facilitated by 2 to 3 moderators

Who are the coaches?

  • Independent Coaches: consultants able to personally provide advisory services
  • Ex venture capital managers
  • Ex entrepreneurs
  • Ex advisors
  • Advisory Coaches from established advisory practices
  • Consultants from larger or specialised consulting/ accounting firms
  • Head-hunters or interim managers
  • M&A advisors or investment bankers

What They Say About the KIS4SAT Academy

“The Venture Academy promotes the quality of European Entrepreneurship.” - Christopher Pommerening, Co-founder and Managing Partner, ACP Active Capital Partners.

“That we won the Presentation Award is without doubt also due to the Venture Academy coaching. The Venture Academy is a great possibility for testing and optimizing the company presentation. Not attending the Venture Academy is really a missed opportunity.”  - Thomas Radtke, CEO, CardioBridge GmbH

“I can only recommend all entrepreneurs to join the Venture Academy. Entrepreneurs will have a real head start in attracting capital compared to non-participants.”  - Patrick Polak, Managing Partner, Newion Investments

“The Venture Academy is great real-world preparation for the hard knocks in the venture capital arena “ – Dr. John Mullins, Head of Entrepreneurship, London Business School.

What does it cost?

Participation for all involved in the Venture Academy is free of cost. Nevertheless, it is exclusively for the selected companies.  Spaces are limited so we suggest presenting companies RSVP as soon as confirmation of selection is received.